Hema Free Gel Polish: All You Need To Know


What is HEMA? Back in 2018, the British Association of Dermatologists published a research paper naming HEMA as the main cause of an ‘allergy epidemic.’ HEMA, also known as 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate or hydroxyethyl methacrylate is used as an adhesive in gel polish. It gives your polish that nice hard, shiny...

48W UV&LED Nail Lamp 2.0


There are several reasons why you might choose the 48W UV&LED Nail Lamp 2.0: Efficient and Fast Curing The 48W power output of this nail lamp ensures quick and efficient curing of gel polishes. It can significantly reduce the overall curing time, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results in less...

Radiant Rhythms: Embracing the Vibrant Palette of Summer 2023


Step into a world ablaze with color, as Summer 2023 unveils a mesmerizing palette that will ignite your senses and transform your style. From the sunny shores to the bustling streets, this season's color trends will have you radiating with vibrant energy and unparalleled confidence. These colors have been widely...