Q:Why are there color differences between real products and pictures displayed on the computer?

Due to the pictures were taken in different lighting background and will be showed by different display, so it is normal for color difference between real products and pictures. But the colors we showed had 99% close to true color.

Q: How to use CANNI Soak off UV & LED Nail Gel Polish??

1)Wash hands, wipe nail and remove cuticle

2)Brush a thin layer CANNI base coat, curing 1-2 min by UV lamp

3)Brush a thin layer CANNI color, curing 2 min

4)Brush one more layer color, curing 2 min

5)Brush a layer CANNI reinfore gel, curing 3 min

6)Brush a layer CANNI top coat, curing 3 min

7)Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining

If LED Lamp, curing time should be 30-60 seconds per time.

Q: How can I prevent chipping and peeling?

Nail prep is essential before applying gel. Make sure your nails are free of any oils and are dry. Gently buff the surface of the nails with a nail buffer, this will help the gel adhere to the nail correctly. Another important step is to seal the edges of your nails with the color and top coat by swiping brush horizontally onto the edge of nails. This will help prevent chipping which could lead to peeling.

Tips to avoid chipping:

1.Before applying, polish your nails evenly and remove cuticle, ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free.
2.Don't apply gel on the skin or cuticle.
3.When applying color gel and top coat, do not exceed the scope of the base
4.Cap the edge of each nail with top coat to seal the gel well by swiping horizontally with the brush, back and forth.
5.Using Pre-dehydrator will make your nails last longer